Welcome to Hieu Nghia Thinh Co. LTD-(TNHH)
Established in 2000, Hieu Nghia Thinh Company is specialized in design and manufacture of a wide range of milking equipment for cows located in Saigon, Viet Nam. We are dedicated to ensuring that dairy farm producers have the ability to produce the highest quality milk most efficiently, profitably and responsibly.

Our products have been carefully researched and produced suitable to any dairy farming conditions. With our highly skilled professional Technical Team, we ensure smooth installations and maximum efficiency operations. Moreover, our milking equipments provide economic efficiency as follows: increase mild output, ensure hygiene, mastitis prevention in cows, reduce the number of staff required to milk the herd; while at the same increasing volume of herd size. Besides the parlor type [many cows at one time] milking system, we have developed cooling tank and milk processing systems and offer them to many enterprises nationwide. Other products available include supporting types of equipment for livestock are grass cutter machines and total mixed ration (TMR). Our continuous commitment to excellent quality and high efficiency has earned us a reputation from farmers across the country.

Hieu Nghia Thinh Co. sincerely thanks all farmers and companies that have contributed to our success. We will continue to strive to develop, refine and enhance our milking technology, producing equipment that will continue to meet the challenges of dairy farmers today and in the future.